Which of these best describes
your work-life stage?

Want it all

Want it all?

Babyproof your life and career before starting a family.
Plan it all

Plan it all?

Plan for a successful return to work after parental leave.
Having it all

Have it all?

Progress your career, enjoy your family, love your life.


Coaching Programme

Progress your career. Enjoy your family. Love your life.

Being a working parent is not about sacrifice and compromise. It’s one of the greatest opportunities to level up your life and fulfil your greatest potential. I will show you how.

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“You’ve been powerful all along.
You just didn’t know it.”

When you consider how demanding and competitive your career is, it’s easy to think that having a family will hold you back professionally, and that progressing your career will cost you personally. I thought so too. But this negative thinking was the very thing that made me destined to fail. After giving up my law career, I realised my mistake: I’d been powerful all along. I just didn’t know it.

“Babyproof Your Career is the book I wish I’d read before I started a family, and the one I still use as a working mother of 4 as a blueprint for having it all.”

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