• positive mindset

Do you doubt yourself? Don’t! 7 steps to achieving a positive mindset about working motherhood.

Can you develop a positive mindset or is it just another cliché? It would be great if we were all naturally positive and assertive thinkers, but of course, the reality Read more

  • Have it all

Think you can ‘have it all’? You can! The secret of combining a successful career with motherhood.

We’ve seen in recent blogs how combining a successful career with motherhood presents a unique set of challenges. There are obvious pitfalls linked to stress, overwhelm and guilt, as well as Read more

  • babyproof-quiz

How babyproof is your career? Take the babyproof quiz and find out your BQ (Babyproof Quotient)!

The Babyproof Career Quiz You might be tempted to skip over this article, thinking it doesn’t apply to you. Perhaps you are young and enjoying a flourishing career and social Read more

  • babybroof your career

Babyproof Your Career! Why you need to prepare yourself for the challenges of working motherhood – before you have a baby.

Do you need to babyproof your career? The good news.. Why would you need to babyproof your career? Things are getting better for women in the workplace aren't they? Well, yes! Read more