Self-care. ‘If you don’t respect yourself ain’t nobody gonna give a good cahoot’.

Self-care is a buzz word at the moment, but what is it really all about? It sounds a little bit indulgent, perhaps even selfish, doesn’t it? Surely it can’t be Read more

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The balancing act – how to perfect the skill of balancing work and family

Balancing, juggling, spinning plates; all these metaphors are commonly used to describe the trials of working parenthood and bring to mind a somewhat chaotic circus tent. Many of us may Read more

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Build your professional network – tried and tested tips. ‘It’s not (just) what you know but who you know’.

Why do you need a good professional network? The idea of professional networking appeals to some of us much more than others. Some people thrive on meeting new people and Read more

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10 uplifting reasons to love being a working parent (even though it’s hard!)

With all the work and effort involved in being a working parent, why would you even bother? Our recent blogs  have explored many of the challenges faced by working parents Read more