• working motherhood

Thinking of having kids at some point in the future? Then don’t be an ostrich – project, plan and prepare to make a success of working motherhood.

  Moving on up It’s tempting to dream that it will be all plain sailing when you decide to have children just as your career is starting to take off. Read more

  • cost have baby

How much does it cost to have a baby (and how can you ever afford it)?

How much does it cost to have a baby? We recently explored on the blog whether there is ever a ‘right’ time to have a baby – should you wait until Read more

  • babyproofing

What is babyproofing all about? Your FAQs and my story.

  Why would you start a business called Babyproof Your Life? Why dedicate your career to training others to succeed at working parenthood?   Those are great questions, and ones Read more

  • right time to have children

It’s the millennials’ dilemma – when is the right time to have children?

When is the right time to have children?   The dilemma Life is going well. You’re a young professional woman – working hard, progressing successfully and ambitious for your career. Read more

  • work-life balance

The top 5 tools for achieving work-life balance (and why you need to put them in place BEFORE you have children.)

  Even before we have demanding families of our own, juggling our busy working lives and our leisure or ‘me’ time is something that lots of us struggle with. Work-life Read more