• babyproof blog

The Best of the Babyproof Blog 2018 – A Review.

  As well as being brilliant for some serious box-set watching, that limbo-land between Christmas and New Year is a great time for a bit of valuable self-reflection - and Read more

  • fear of not knowing

How to overcome the FONK (or the fear of not knowing).

  I’m currently coaching two clients who are struggling with same issue. Despite (or maybe because of) being extremely high achieving female lawyers at the top of their game, having Read more

  • saying no

How to set boundaries and manage expectations.

  In a recent session with a client, her last after a year of coaching, reflecting on the progress she had made, she thanked me for what she described as Read more

  • external validation

Is your Imposter Syndrome here to stay?

  If you’ve been following the news this week, you’ll have seen that Michelle Obama is in the UK on her ‘Becoming’ book tour, drawing large crowds and speaking at Read more