• no

Why ‘no’ is the hardest word to say (and why you need to say it more often).

If you’re working in corporate law - even before you have children - you’ll be no stranger to frequent and stressful demands on your time and energies. Long hours, pressures Read more

  • back on track

How to use a resilience strategy to get you back on track.

What’s your attitude to hardship? Are you a coper? When faced with adversity, how do you react? Can you adapt to changing circumstances and bounce back from failure? Or in Read more

  • finances

Your money or your life – why you need to babyproof your finances.

  Do you have a head in the sand approach when it comes to finances? I will admit that I often have. Despite striving and making great progress in many Read more

  • potential

To be or not to be? How to fulfil your potential.

  I’m super excited to be talking about potential this week because it’s at the heart of what I do and represents what I stand for as a coach. As Read more

  • procrastination

How to beat procrastination.

Do you leave tasks until the last minute? Pay bills late? Cram all night for exams or presentations?  Delay applying for jobs until the deadline has passed? We’re all guilty Read more