• boundaries

How to set boundaries to maintain your work/life balance.

Do you regularly feel taken advantage of or that unreasonable requests are being made of you? If so - you might need to set some boundaries.  It’s the nature of Read more

  • work on holiday

How to work on holiday (without feeling frustrated, resentful and alienating loved ones)

Will you be working while on holiday this summer? If the answer is a reluctant ‘yes’, then you’re in the right place! Knowing you’re going to have to put in Read more

  • having it all

Having it all need not be a working motherhood myth. Here’s how to make it work for you.

Is the idea of being able to balance a top-level career with a harmonious family life a fantasy? Can you have a successful career, or a successful family life but Read more

  • delegating

Having problems with time management? Delegate!

This month in my coaching programme, we’re looking at the important issue of time management. So much of the battle for balance depends on nailing this old chestnut.  After all, Read more