B is for Belief. Believe in yourself! Check out my top resources for positive thinking.

This post is part of our blog series, The A to Z of Being Babyproof, a celebration of the attitudes and behaviours it takes to balance career and family – because “babyproof” is not a destination, it’s a blueprint for having it all and making it work.


We’ve been focusing on Belief over the last few weeks on the blog and have explored how embracing the power of positive thinking and neutralising negative assumptions is crucial for making a success of the working motherhood challenge and achieving the career and family life you desire. In a nutshell, self-belief is your personal key to ‘having it all’. If you still need a bit more help in unlocking a happy and successful future, check out my favourite resources on self-belief and positive thinking.



positive thinkingBad Science – Ben Goldacre

It’s not all American self-help! As someone who values scientific evidence, I find this blockbuster by journalist Ben Goldacre brilliant for exposing the bias and agendas behind a lot of scientific reporting. If you feel that you are often swayed by negative headlines or rumour concerning working motherhood, understand that you can’t build your positive belief system until you have challenged your limiting assumptions. Goldacre entertainingly demonstrates how to approach media articles and reports with critical thinking and puts research and statistics reporting into perspective in a hugely enjoyable way.


positive thinkingUnstoppable People – Adrian Gilpin

Having survived his own catastrophic business collapse, experienced business lecturer Gilpin sets out to show how ordinary people can raise their ambitions and achieve audacious goals – sometimes alone, often by using teamwork. This inspirational book focuses on showing you how to harness the first principles of effective positive thinking and action.





positive thinkingPositivity: Groundbreaking Research to Release Your Inner Optimist and Thrive – Barbara Fredrickson

Written by one of the pioneers of the benefits of positive psychology, this book draws on rigorous research and offers sure-fire tools and methods for tapping into your own reserves of positivity, broadening your mind and transforming your life from ‘meh’ to ‘awesome!’




positive thinkingMindset: changing the way you think to fulfil your potential – Carol S Dweck.

Renowned psychologist Carol Dweck demonstrates how learning, positivity and resilience lead to the development of a ‘growth mindset’ which trumps mere ‘natural’ ability every time. The book shows how harnessing the power of open and positive beliefs instead of having a ‘fixed’ outlook, is key to a happy and successful life.




positive thinkingAwaken the Giant Within: take immediate control of your mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny – Anthony Robbins

Based on the study of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) whereby our verbal and non-verbal language can affect our beliefs and actions, Robbins’ bestselling book looks at how we can programme our own minds to make positive changes in our lives. He also shows us how to focus on and visualise a future we want and to model the actions of successful people to make that future a reality. By changing our beliefs about events in our lives, he asserts that we are all free to positively control our own destinies.


positive thinkingHappier – Tal Ben-Shahar

Harvard academic Ben-Shahar uses research in positive psychology and self-help methods to weave together a set of principles which can be applied to make positive transformations in your daily life and work. His basic premise is that if you open your heart and mind to positivity and happy thoughts, you will feel more fulfilled, dynamic – and happier!








positive thinkingHappify

This app measures your positivity and aims to help your self-belief in various areas of your life through quizzes, games and activities. The basic version is free but for access to more advanced activities and statistics there is a subscription fee.






positive thinkingPositive Thinking – the key to happiness

This app aims to bolster your self-esteem and self-belief by harnessing the power of positive thinking. It has an index of topics to help you – with steps to help you banish negative thoughts, develop methods to aid positive thinking, motivational quotes and tips for attracting success and wealth.





positive thinkingSmiling Mind

This app seeks to strengthen mental health and build a positive outlook through a mindfulness and meditation approach.







positive thinking
Live Happy

Based on the principles of positive psychology, the Live Happy app helps you to create and maintain positive, life-affirming habits which will reduce stress levels and help you achieve greater happiness, positivity and productivity.






Have you found any other apps or podcasts helpful for boosting your self-belief and positive thinking? If so, let us know about them in our Linkedin and Facebook groups.

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positive thinking

Caroline Flanagan is a Keynote Speaker, Babyproof Coach and Author of Babyproof Your Career, The Secret to Balancing Work and Family so you can Enjoy It All. Caroline believes passionately in the dream of having it all, and founded Babyproof Your Life to train and prepare ambitious career women for the marathon of working parenthood so they can find their own way to #enjoyitall and #makeitwork. You can reach Caroline at caroline@babyproofyourlife.com