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  • thought drama

Are you indulging in ‘thought drama’?

‘Thought drama’ - what do I mean by this? It’s a phrase that was introduced to me a few years ago by coach Brooke Castillo and I think it’s a Read more

Forget FOMO – do you have the FONK (the fear of not knowing)?

We're all experiencing a fear of not knowing at the moment - none us knows what the next few months will hold and it is a deeply unsettling experience. We Read more

  • coaching

How coaching can help you progress.

We’re living in crazy, uncertain times at the moment and many of us will be feeling anxious and disconnected from our normal realities. So what can we do to motivate Read more

  • self-care

How to make self-care work for you

You are your most important asset - but when was the last time you treated yourself that way? Self-care is a priority. This week I’ve been thinking a lot about Read more

  • work in progress

You’re a work in progress – who are you becoming?

Have you read former US First Lady Michelle Obama's bestselling memoir ‘Becoming’? It's an inspiring book and documents frankly and honestly her continuing battle with Imposter Syndrome (despite, or perhaps Read more

  • failure

Why you SHOULD set yourself up for failure.

It’s a phrase we use as a security blanket when we are fearful of trying something new. ‘Why set yourself up for failure’? And indeed, why would you intentionally do Read more

  • decisions

How successful people make decisions.

How are you at making decisions? Perhaps you view yourself as a procrastinator, a bit indecisive - unsure whether you are making the right choices? Or maybe you see yourself Read more

  • authenticity

How to be authentic AND progress in your career.

What does it mean to be authentic? Authenticity has become such a buzzword in personal development over the last few decades. We’ve all learned how we need to ditch the Read more

  • relationship with yourself

How do you form good relationships? Start with yourself!

  “All relationship is a reflection of your relationship with yourself” - Deepak Chopra Throughout January at Babyproof HQ we’ve been exploring the value of relationships in your life - Read more

  • ask for what you want

Don’t be shy! Why you need to ask for what you want in life.

Do you ask for what you want in life? It seems a straightforward enough concept doesn’t it? You want something, you ask for it it, your request is granted or Read more