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  • mentor

How to find a mentor

  “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself” - Oprah Winfrey   Richard Branson’s was Freddie Laker, Barack Obama’s was his future wife Michelle, Read more

Get your self-care regime back on track

You are your most important asset. When was the last time you treated yourself that way? The importance of self care This week I’ve been thinking a lot about self Read more

4 excuses for not getting up early, and why you should ignore them

It's the end of half term here in England, and what a half term it has been. We have had sunshine... and heat.... in February! If you live in the Read more

  • fear of failure

How the fear of failure can hold you back in your law career.

Blame your inner cavewoman Why do we fear failure? Psychologically our primal brains are programmed to be risk averse.  In order to keep ourselves safe, this part of the brain Read more

  • professional networking

Babyproof your career in the legal sector by professional networking: my top tips.

  Extrovert or introvert? The mention of professional networking may make some of you inwardly groan. Some of us thrive on doing a bit of social schmoozing, meeting new people Read more

  • role model

Looking to progress in your law career? Then find a role model. Here’s how.

  So you’ve achieved your dream of working for a good firm in the legal sector, but where do you go from here? Although, as we’ve seen in recent blogs, Read more

  • imposter syndrome mindset

Do you have the Imposter Syndrome mindset?

  Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome and are you struggling to find a solution that works?   What is Imposter Syndrome? For those of you who are less familiar Read more

  • becoming

Who are you ‘becoming’?

  It can’t have escaped your notice that former US First Lady Michelle Obama was recently in Europe promoting her memoir ‘Becoming’ to rapt audiences in sold-out venues. She talked Read more

  • believe in yourself

You CAN have it all – if you learn to believe in yourself. Here’s how.

  How do you feel about the concept of ‘having it all’? It’s a contentious issue, especially in the legal sector. Whilst seemingly a promising professional career choice for women Read more

  • ambitious

New Year’s resolutions? Hell, yes! Why you should be ambitious to achieve your goals in 2019.

  Whether you welcomed the dawn of 2019 in big celebratory style or with a quiet night in, the New Year brings a time of reflection and forward planning for Read more