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  • Vulnerability

Lessons on Vulnerability from Brené Brown

Who is Brené Brown? You’ve probably heard of Brené Brown. The research professor, who has a PHD in Social Work, is best known for her work on vulnerability and shame, Read more

  • power of habit

The Power of Habit

‘We are what we repeatedly do’ - Will Durant, Philosopher.   Creatures of habit A habit is something that you do frequently and regularly, often without having to think about Read more

  • diversity

The Diversity Distraction

  A hyper-connected world In our busy and hyper-connected 24/7 world, we’re never far from distractions. The internet, social media, phone calls, group messages, advertising, rolling news - we’re constantly Read more

  • digital declutter

Why you need a digital declutter.

Is your head full of digital noise?   Decluttering as a philosophy  Decluttering has become a buzzword over the last few years. As our modern lives get busier and technology Read more

  • what you make things mean

What you make things mean.

   “An optimist is one who sees an opportunity in every difficulty. A pessimist is one who sees a difficulty in every opportunity.”      The good, the bad and Read more

  • The one thing

The One Thing. Why you need to focus to progress.

Do you secretly pride yourself on always being ‘busy’?  Or on being able to multi-task and manage several projects in your work and home life all at the same time?  Read more

  • comfort enclosure

Are you afraid of stepping out of your comfort enclosure?

Not many of us will have been feeling that comfortable lately. With the COVID-19 crisis turning our lives upside down, confining us indoors, changing the way we work and jeopardising Read more

  • this too shall pass

‘This too shall pass.’

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “this too shall pass”.  It has its origins in the writings of the medieval Persian Sufi poets - and has been used through Read more

  • letting go

Letting go: why you need to ditch the things that are holding you back.

These are testing times for us both mentally and physically. Locked down in our homes and experiencing fear and uncertainty about the future, there’s a lot of time to dwell Read more

  • Become an expert

Why you need to become an expert in your field.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you”    When asked in an interview to give advice to others about how to achieve success, this was the brilliant response from acclaimed Read more