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  • growing

8 reasons to embrace the joy of growing.

  When we talk about ‘personal growth’ what do we really mean? We understand that it is the process by which we can learn and develop to reach our full Read more

  • external validation

“Am I good enough?” 10 signs you might be relying on external validation for your self-worth.

I held a workshop recently and it was attended by my usual coaching clientele - super capable, high-achieving female lawyers who hold senior positions and perform their jobs to the Read more

  • all or nothing thinking

Are you guilty of ‘all or nothing’ thinking?

Do you have a tendency to make sweeping generalisations or blow things out of proportion? Do you take a comment or piece of feedback and extend its meaning way beyond Read more

  • negative feedback

Why negative feedback can be a gift.

  Negative feedback! Do these words send a jolt of fear and shame into your very soul? If so, you’re not alone. It’s something that a lot of high achievers Read more

  • balance

The problem with balance.

We all know that work-life balance is the holy grail. The popularity of the presentations I do on the subject and its ubiquity as a talking point in society show Read more

  • inner resources

Your inner resources are your secret weapons in the battle for balance. Here’s how they can help you.

If you’ve been reading the blog or listening to the podcast over the Summer, you’ll know that I’ve spent a bit of time talking about the value of self-coaching. The key Read more

  • exercise

Babyproof your body – why exercise is key to achieving balance. 

  I was delighted earlier this week to interview my fabulous personal trainer Holly Aldridge for the Babyproof Podcast. Although she’s only the tender age of 24, Holly has had Read more

  • coaching yourself

Coaching yourself – how to change your thoughts to change your life.

  If you caught the blog or the podcast last week, you’ll know that we started to explore the theme of self-coaching. We concentrated on how understanding the relationship between your Read more

  • self-belief

How coaching yourself can help you achieve your goals.

  We’re well into the summer holidays now, and usually this time of year affords us a break from or some sort of disruption to our everyday routines. This can Read more

  • saying no

How to say ‘no’ more often.

For such a small and insignificant word, ‘no’ is surprisingly hard to say if you’re not under the age of 6. Think about it - how many times have you Read more