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  • specific goals

Why making your goals SPECIFIC will help you achieve in 2020.

What are your goals for 2020? Do you want to progress in your law career? Find a better work/life balance? If so, join the club!  The trouble with these laudable Read more

  • knowing your why

Knowing your ‘why’ can help you achieve your goals.

It seems crazy to say it - but we’re almost at the end of another year. Before we're whipped up into the mad whirl of Christmas preparations, it’s a good Read more

  • Public Speaking

Why you should overcome your fear of public speaking.

If you’ve been following the blog and podcast this month, you’ll know that we’ve been exploring visibility, personal branding and profile-raising as ways of future-proofing your career.  An integral element of all Read more

  • raising your profile

Why and how you should be raising your profile at work.

This month on the blog and podcast we’ve been talking all about visibility. We’ve seen that in the busy modern workplace, you can’t rely on others to seek out, recognise Read more

  • personal brand

Are you accidentally harming your personal brand?

“But I don’t have a personal brand” - I hear you cry. It’s certainly true that the concept of a personal brand has only been around for about twenty years. Read more

  • making yourself visible

The crucial difference between ‘being seen’ and ‘making yourself visible’.

It’s a small but important distinction - but one that may prove vital for progressing your career and succeeding in achieving that much sought-after work/life balance.  Perhaps many years ago Read more

Why you need to earn your confidence – and invest it for the future.

What is confidence? Is it an innate personal trait, something we’re born with, something that comes naturally?  It can often seem that way. From childhood and beyond we all encounter Read more

  • perfectionist

The cost of perfectionism.

Lots of us don’t believe there’s anything really wrong with perfectionism. It’s always trotted out as the clever response in interviews by high-achievers asked about any personal faults they may Read more

  • growing

8 reasons to embrace the joy of growing.

  When we talk about ‘personal growth’ what do we really mean? We understand that it is the process by which we can learn and develop to reach our full Read more

  • external validation

“Am I good enough?” 10 signs you might be relying on external validation for your self-worth.

I held a workshop recently and it was attended by my usual coaching clientele - super capable, high-achieving female lawyers who hold senior positions and perform their jobs to the Read more