Stop thinking about sacrifices and start thinking about choices – how to reframe your experience to achieve success

  Do you make sacrifices? Do you often feel that you are making or have made sacrifices in various aspects of your life? Perhaps you feel that you have sacrificed being around for your kids so you could reach the highest level at work – or conversely that you have sacrificed achieving your greatest career …

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treat yourself

‘Treat yourself’ – how NOT to avoid doing the tasks you hate.

  “Go on, treat yourself!”   Guilty pleasures Do you love the delicious little phrase, ‘treat yourself’? I know I do. It gives me permission to do something fun or indulge in a guilty pleasure, to put myself first or reward myself for hard work, done well. It brings a pleasurable surge of dopamine to …

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How to avoid burnout.

It’s been intense!  I don’t know about you, but these last few months have been super intense for me. On top of a pandemic, I’ve been renovating my house, homeschooling my sons, adapting my coaching business to the online sphere, recording my podcast – and writing a book about Imposter Syndrome in BAME achievers – …

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flexible working

The ‘new’ flexible working

  How do you feel about flexible working? And how has the COVID-19 crisis impacted your idea of what flexible working really means?   The holy grail Over recent decades, the idea of flexibility in working practices, be it having flexibility over working hours or working location, has grown dramatically in popularity. A 2019 study …

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practical solutions

Why you need MORE than practical solutions.

  The lawyer personality If you’re anything like the lawyers I know, you’ll be a big fan of fast and practical solutions to problems. And I’m not just making sweeping generalisations here! Research into their personality traits reveals that lawyers do indeed share a group of characteristics that are different from the general population. Dr …

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'off' day

Why you should turn an ‘off’ day into a ‘day off’.

  Groundhog Day You know the feeling.  As a hard-working lawyer and parent there are constant demands on your time and energy. It can feel relentless and samey, day after day – the pressure of putting on the game-face, closing deals, meeting targets, attending meetings – whilst at the same time trying to meet your …

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The Power of Intention

“Our intention creates our reality” – Wayne Dyer   How can you most effectively achieve your goals?   Using the incomparable power of intention.    This has become very clear to me over the past few months while I’ve been writing my second book. Writing a book is such a daunting and enormous task. You …

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Opportunity Knocks

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein      I’ve spent the last few months of lockdown writing my new book which explores Imposter Syndrome in BAME achievers. The landscape has changed significantly over the last few decades so that there is better ethnic diversity at graduate level and high-quality BAME candidates are getting …

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The P word (that’s power to you and me!)

  What is ‘power’? What does the word ‘power‘ mean to you? Is it something you embrace and actively pursue in your career? Or is it a word you prefer not to use, something that sounds a little aggressive or distasteful? Does it make you feel uncomfortable?   The problem with ‘power’ Welcome to the …

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The Power of Acceptance

  Do you spend a lot of time thinking about what’s wrong or what needs to be different in your life? Many of us do. It seems logical that only by identifying and focusing on what needs to change can we ever hope to get meaningful results. But is that really true? This is a …

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