Self-belief – Why you need it, how to get it, and what NOT to do

  I’m still on cloud nine after the amazing online launch panel event for my book, “Be the First, People of Colour, Imposter Syndrome and the struggle to succeed in a white world” last week. We had a fascinating and enlightening conversation around the topic of ‘being the first’ – and it made me appreciate …

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Ambition – why you need it, how to achieve it – and the mistakes to avoid along the way.

      Haven’t got time to read this blog? – then tune into my podcast, and listen on the go!  What does ambition mean to you? For me, it’s a constant positive force. It’s having a consistent bold vision of what I want in life and a burning desire to achieve it. This theme …

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Why consistency is key

  Happy New Year to you all! In what’s got to be pretty much the worst start to a new year any of us could have imagined, it’s time to look ahead with positivity and resilience. In periods of anxiety and uncertainty, the best we can do for ourselves is take ownership of our own …

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Best blogs

The Best Babyproof Blogs from 2020

  I’m just checking in to say hi in that slightly strange limbo time between Christmas and New Year. I hope you had a great festive time, despite the lockdown measures! What with Covid restrictions in place, winter weather, and long dark evenings – there’s a lot of time to think and reflect on the …

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deliberate practice

Deliberate Practice: why you should try to make things harder, rather than easier, for yourself.

  The easy road Sounds counterintuitive, right?  Surely you should go through life ultimately trying to make things easier for yourself? To make yourself more comfortable, financially more secure, with more time to relax? Shouldn’t you be searching for your “passion” and utilising your innate talents – so that your work does not seem arduous, …

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Stop thinking about sacrifices and start thinking about choices – how to reframe your experience to achieve success

  Do you make sacrifices? Do you often feel that you are making or have made sacrifices in various aspects of your life? Perhaps you feel that you have sacrificed being around for your kids so you could reach the highest level at work – or conversely that you have sacrificed achieving your greatest career …

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treat yourself

‘Treat yourself’ – how NOT to avoid doing the tasks you hate.

  “Go on, treat yourself!”   Guilty pleasures Do you love the delicious little phrase, ‘treat yourself’? I know I do. It gives me permission to do something fun or indulge in a guilty pleasure, to put myself first or reward myself for hard work, done well. It brings a pleasurable surge of dopamine to …

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How to avoid burnout.

It’s been intense!  I don’t know about you, but these last few months have been super intense for me. On top of a pandemic, I’ve been renovating my house, homeschooling my sons, adapting my coaching business to the online sphere, recording my podcast – and writing a book about Imposter Syndrome in BAME achievers – …

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flexible working

The ‘new’ flexible working

  How do you feel about flexible working? And how has the COVID-19 crisis impacted your idea of what flexible working really means?   The holy grail Over recent decades, the idea of flexibility in working practices, be it having flexibility over working hours or working location, has grown dramatically in popularity. A 2019 study …

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practical solutions

Why you need MORE than practical solutions.

  The lawyer personality If you’re anything like the lawyers I know, you’ll be a big fan of fast and practical solutions to problems. And I’m not just making sweeping generalisations here! Research into their personality traits reveals that lawyers do indeed share a group of characteristics that are different from the general population. Dr …

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