White star painted on the ground

Play Your Free Square.

Do you often focus on negative feedback or worry about the things you’re not good at?   Negative bias You’re not alone. Research shows that humans are inclined towards negative bias about events and information. Our brains pay more attention to bad news and danger than positive events. Evolutionarily speaking, this negative bias would have …

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Drawing of many faces

The Inclusion Illusion

Do you feel that a lack of inclusivity in your organisation is holding you back? Good practice. Over the last few decades it has become standard good practice in human resources management to promote and support diversity in the workplace. Apart from the obvious moral argument for embracing people of all backgrounds and genders, research …

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Holding a red heart

How to recommit to your goals.

The thrill of goal-setting When you first make life goals, new plans, New Year resolutions or any sort of big changes in life, it’s turbo-charged all the way. You’re committed, enthusiastic, and optimistic. It’s an exciting and energising feeling – but, unfortunately, it rarely lasts. Time happens… Losing motivation The longer you do something, the …

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Your body speaks – why don’t you listen?

“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein During this unprecedented period of lockdown and crisis, many of us have had a bit of time for self-reflection, re-evaluating our lives and thinking about what’s really important to us. Although for many who have continued working and who may also …

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Dandelion seeds

Lessons on Vulnerability from Brené Brown

Who is Brené Brown? You’ve probably heard of Brené Brown. The research professor, who has a PHD in Social Work, is best known for her work on vulnerability and shame, her TEDx talks and best-selling books. She’s lauded in the self-help world, but is so much more than just a self-help guru. Her work is …

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Good habits sign

The Power of Habit

‘We are what we repeatedly do’ – Will Durant, Philosopher. Creatures of habit A habit is something that you do frequently and regularly, often without having to think about it. Indeed, the phrase ‘creatures of habit’ has come about for good reason. Human beings are naturally inclined towards habit and routine. Our brains are always …

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The Diversity Distraction

A hyper-connected world In our busy and hyper-connected 24/7 world, we’re never far from distractions. The internet, social media, phone calls, group messages, advertising, rolling news – we’re constantly being interrupted. It’s fair enough to partly blame technology – our electronic devices were specifically designed to hijack human attention and they do it extremely effectively. …

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Why you need a digital declutter.

Is your head full of digital noise? Decluttering as a philosophy Decluttering has become a buzzword over the last few years. As our modern lives get busier and technology makes it harder to switch off from our 24 hour interconnected world, we have flocked to the idea of minimalising our physical spaces to achieve order …

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What you make things mean.

“An optimist is one who sees an opportunity in every difficulty. A pessimist is one who sees a difficulty in every opportunity.” The good, the bad and the ugly. This quote is variously attributed to different people, including Winston Churchill and Helen Keller – but whoever said it was definitely onto something. What makes a …

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Dominoes falling

The One Thing. Why you need to focus to progress.

Do you secretly pride yourself on always being ‘busy’?  Or on being able to multi-task and manage several projects in your work and home life all at the same time? The multi-tasking brain. As women we are sometimes lauded for our ability to juggle multiple commitments. A lot of environments, including the corporate workplace, also …

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