'off' day

Why you should turn an ‘off’ day into a ‘day off’.

  Groundhog Day You know the feeling.  As a hard-working lawyer and parent there are constant demands on your time and energy. It can feel relentless and samey, day after day – the pressure of putting on the game-face, closing deals, meeting targets, attending meetings – whilst at the same time trying to meet your …

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The Power of Intention

“Our intention creates our reality” – Wayne Dyer   How can you most effectively achieve your goals?   Using the incomparable power of intention.    This has become very clear to me over the past few months while I’ve been writing my second book. Writing a book is such a daunting and enormous task. You …

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Opportunity Knocks

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein      I’ve spent the last few months of lockdown writing my new book which explores Imposter Syndrome in BAME achievers. The landscape has changed significantly over the last few decades so that there is better ethnic diversity at graduate level and high-quality BAME candidates are getting …

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The P word (that’s power to you and me!)

  What is ‘power’? What does the word ‘power‘ mean to you? Is it something you embrace and actively pursue in your career? Or is it a word you prefer not to use, something that sounds a little aggressive or distasteful? Does it make you feel uncomfortable?   The problem with ‘power’ Welcome to the …

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The Power of Acceptance

  Do you spend a lot of time thinking about what’s wrong or what needs to be different in your life? Many of us do. It seems logical that only by identifying and focusing on what needs to change can we ever hope to get meaningful results. But is that really true? This is a …

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White star painted on the ground

Play Your Free Square.

Do you often focus on negative feedback or worry about the things you’re not good at?   Negative bias You’re not alone. Research shows that humans are inclined towards negative bias about events and information. Our brains pay more attention to bad news and danger than positive events. Evolutionarily speaking, this negative bias would have …

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Drawing of many faces

The Inclusion Illusion

Do you feel that a lack of inclusivity in your organisation is holding you back? Good practice. Over the last few decades it has become standard good practice in human resources management to promote and support diversity in the workplace. Apart from the obvious moral argument for embracing people of all backgrounds and genders, research …

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Holding a red heart

How to recommit to your goals.

The thrill of goal-setting When you first make life goals, new plans, New Year resolutions or any sort of big changes in life, it’s turbo-charged all the way. You’re committed, enthusiastic, and optimistic. It’s an exciting and energising feeling – but, unfortunately, it rarely lasts. Time happens… Losing motivation The longer you do something, the …

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Your body speaks – why don’t you listen?

“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein During this unprecedented period of lockdown and crisis, many of us have had a bit of time for self-reflection, re-evaluating our lives and thinking about what’s really important to us. Although for many who have continued working and who may also …

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Dandelion seeds

Lessons on Vulnerability from Brené Brown

Who is Brené Brown? You’ve probably heard of Brené Brown. The research professor, who has a PHD in Social Work, is best known for her work on vulnerability and shame, her TEDx talks and best-selling books. She’s lauded in the self-help world, but is so much more than just a self-help guru. Her work is …

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