The Story of BabyProof Your Life

The Story of Babyproof Your Life

This is the story of BabyProof Your Life The Issue When I was working as a lawyer in the City of London, in the years before I had children but when I knew I wanted children in the future, I would think about my career and what it meant for my life. I would think about …

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The day I definitely committed myself to writing Baby Proof Your Career

4 January 2015 I am repeatedly asked how I managed to achieve the goal of writing Baby Proof Your Career in less than a year, while running a business and balancing all this with four boys and a busy household. The turning point for me, I always respond, was the moment when I definitely committed myself; …

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Baby Proof Your Career prepares to go live on Amazon

One of my goals for this month, and in fact the No.1 goal of the year, is to publish and launch my first book, Baby Proof Your Career. I am so close now, I can almost taste the celebratory bottle of champagne I’ve been saving for the occasion! Creativity and vulnerability I am nervous and excited. …

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confidence at your fingertips

Confidence at my fingertips

Confidence at my fingertips At times like this I need confidence at my fingertips. As I get closer and closer to November 13th, the date when my book will launch on Amazon – when it will be out there ready for the world to buy, read and hopefully enjoy – it is getting harder and …

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Regular de-cluttering is essential to staying organised

I have set myself the challenge of de-cluttering my house this month, after watching things pile up and disarray take hold. I have to confess I find de-cluttering the house a somewhat daunting challenge. I am not quite sure where the time will magically appear from (it hasn’t appeared yet, and it is already 20th …

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Give yourself permission to enjoy Autumn

I am in Italy this week and it has been so amazing. At first I was frustrated and stressed at the thought of going away. Having previously lived in Italy we have a house in the Piemontese countryside and this is where we escape to during most school holidays. It allows me to keep working …

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