The Babyproof Your Career Programme

Reaching your full potential in your career and being present and available to raise a happy family is no easy task and it doesn’t happen by accident. And yet so many go into working parenthood without any preparation at all.

Can you imagine deciding to run a marathon and showing up at the starting line without having done a moment’s preparation? Without having visualised yourself crossing the line or prepared yourself for the physical and emotional challenges you’ll face on the way?

You wouldn’t expect to run a marathon without the right preparation and planning, so why would you expect a successful career and family life without doing the same?

The Babyproof Career Programme is a 4 step method for gaining the clarity, capability and confidence you need to have it all and make it work. We’ll help you (1) Picture what having it all means to you; (2) Prepare your mindset, your relationship and your career to support you; (3) Practise the skills you need to conquer guilt and avoid overwhelm; and (4) develop proven strategies to help you Persevere for those days when you hit a wall.


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