Regular de-cluttering is essential to staying organised

I have set myself the challenge of de-cluttering my house this month, after watching things pile up and disarray take hold.

I have to confess I find de-cluttering the house a somewhat daunting challenge. I am not quite sure where the time will magically appear from (it hasn’t appeared yet, and it is already 20th of the month!), but I am committing myself to finding it. It isn’t that our house is in a terrible state – well, the walls are, but it’s no worse than you’d expect with four young boys crashing around that the demands of living and working in a busy world.

The decision to declutter is because I can see that stuff is piling up all around me again, and I notice it is taking me longer to find things when I need them. That’s the trigger that tells me it’s time to reboot my system. That means going back to basics, the principles on which I somehow keep this busy enchanted life of mine buzzing and fizzing and dancing along; and the very principles I teach clients who are striving to balance work and family. In this case, the principle is Organisation – a topic so important that I dedicate a whole chapter to it in Baby Proof Your Career (Chapter 8:Organised and Focused).