One of my goals for this month, and in fact the No.1 goal of the year, is to publish and launch my first book, Baby Proof Your Career. I am so close now, I can almost taste the celebratory bottle of champagne I’ve been saving for the occasion!

Creativity and vulnerability

I am nervous and excited. The online Amazon launch takes place on Friday of this week. It is no small thing publishing your first book. The feeling of vulnerability that swells from within can at times feel almost unbearable. But I am getting used to it now and have learned how to accept it as part of the creative process. Tim Ferriss (author of The Four Hour Week) touches on the connection between creativity and vulnerability in his podcasts. Something to the effect of: you know you’re doing it right when you feel like you are walking down the street completely naked. Being creative is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable, a topic I’ll be exploring in more depth in the Babyproof Blog at a later date.

Courage and persistence

After the experience of writing this book I can wholeheartedly agree. It has taken courage and persistence to put my message into words available for all the world to see, and I’ll need more of the stuff when the book launches on Amazon on 13th November 2015. When that happens, I know I’ll be turning to This is Caroline, my Big Book of Confidence (a confidence building strategy which you can read about here). I turn to it when fear sets in as it gives me the courage I need to carry on.