Confidence at my fingertips

Confidence at my fingertips

At times like this I need confidence at my fingertips. As I get closer and closer to November 13th, the date when my book will launch on Amazon – when it will be out there ready for the world to buy, read and hopefully enjoy – it is getting harder and harder to contain my excitement. I’ve been writing a diary so much in these past months because I recognise how important it is to record my journey, the feelings I experienced, the ups and downs, my confidence and insecurity, lest I forget for one minute what an achievement it is.

Because that’s what I do when I achieve a goal

However impossible or challenging it seems before hand, when  I achieve a goal it is as though something in my head rewires my thoughts so that before I know it I’m telling myself: “it can’t have been that hard, it was no big deal, all you’ve done is written a book.” The memories of getting up at 4.30am morning after morning; of the countless nights when I was averaging 4 hours sleep, working morning until night at weekends and grinding, grinding away at hard rock in order to shape it into the message I want to send to the world. I owe it to myself to remember this.

Don’t I have to walk my talk?

If you read my book you’ll see it’s what I ask you to do. I warn all you unsuspecting pre-baby professionals about Confidence, about how it is one of the Five Pitfalls of Working Parenthood that you need to prepare for if one day you plan to have a family and carry on your career. There’s a task I set in Part 2, Chapter 1 of the book “Believe it” urging you to create a notebook and use it to record every single achievement, compliment and piece of praise you can remember. I have mine, though it needs updating now and I shall do that this week. It’s called This is Caroline, and it is a beautiful thick heavy notebook that I have engraved just to show how special it is. It cost me a small fortune but I wanted to send myself the write message about how important and valuable it’s contents are.

What will you put in your Big Book of Confidence?

In mine there are notes and drawings, positive affirmations and photos of certificates or award’s I have won for everything and anything – items as formal as my degree certificate and coaching diploma, to the Best Speaker, Best Table Topics and Best Evaluator awards I’ve won at Toastmasters over the years. There are compliments that really stood out in my head (including the ones from four year old Maxwell when he’s told me I look pretty in a particular dress), and photos of me at moments – random and occasional – when I remember feeling good about myself, or I just like the way I look. There is no  order. it’s too complicated and difficult to establish any chronology. I put these things in as and how and when I remember them, including a date if it comes to me.

It gives me a buzz

Even thinking about it now, writing about it, sharing it with you now gives me a buzz, a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach. I already feel better about myself. I know where to find my Big Book of Confidence when I need it. It’s a powerful resource to give me confidence at my fingertips when I have a difficult day or I’m facing a new challenge. I know I’m gong to need it on the day the book launches and I’m feeling scared. And on the many more days to come in the future when I am facing the next challenge, out of my comfort zone and worried I might fail.

Goodbye fear confidence is here

If you have ever doubted yourself, felt insecure or just plain terrified at the prospect of facing the next challenge or doing what you need to do, a Big Book of Confidence could be just the thing. What are you waiting for?