Have you ever felt like this?

“I’m ambitious for my career but I also know I want kids in the future. How am I going to make it work?”

“I know I want kids one day. Is there anything I should be doing now, to prepare myself and my career for when that happens?”

“I’ve seen what happens to women who try to have it all. They are always stressed and plagued by guilt. I don’t want to feel like that!”

“Everyone says you can’t have it all, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to try. Where can I go for help?”

“I want to start trying for a baby, but I’m up for promotion next year. Should I wait?”

At Babyproof Your Life we hear these issues all the time. We know that as an ambitious woman you hate the idea of abandoning your career when you start a family. But you also hate the idea of having kids and never being able to see them.

We’re here to help.

At Babyproof Your Life we passionately believe there is a way to have it all and make it work. We believe that if you approach being a working parent the same way you’d approach running a marathon – that is by training and preparing yourself for what lies ahead – then having a career and family can be the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of your life. We created the Babyproof Career Programme to help you achieve that.

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