Infographic: The 5 Pitfalls of Working Motherhood

There are no two ways about it, as we investigated in a recent blog, despite the advances of feminism and gender equality in the workplace, it’s proven that having children still impacts detrimentally on women’s career progression and opportunities. It’s outrageously unfair and infuriating of course, but true for many women nonetheless. However, whilst we can’t change society, attitudes or policies overnight, what we can do as women is take responsibility for and ownership of our own futures.

Balancing a high-level career with motherhood throws up many challenges, and preparing yourself for those challenges is the key to success when the time comes. Think of the working motherhood journey as a marathon. It’s tough, time-consuming and requires training and thorough preparation. There will be high-points and low-points, and periods where you feel you might give up. But it’s the journey that counts, what you learn and experience on the way and how you rise to the challenge, not the finish line. Being prepared is the key to making a daunting, seemingly impossible challenge enjoyable and possible.

The first step on this journey is to anticipate these future challenges in order to prepare how to deal with them BEFORE they arise.

This infographic illustrates the 5 common pitfalls of working motherhood.

Infographic Pitfalls Working Motherhood
Make sure you are forewarned, so that you can become forearmed. Knowledge is power. Informing yourself and confronting possible issues before you have children will put you in a much stronger position when the time comes.

The Babyproof Your Career Programme is designed to help you ready yourself for working motherhood and to give you the best possible chance of success. You will learn detailed strategies for dealing with these challenges and will learn how to put measures in place to minimise any potential negative impact. You can indeed have it all – if you prepare.

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