We all know that feeling of overwhelm. Life is too busy. There are too many things to do and not enough hours in the day to do them in. Even with work, hobbies, shopping, exercise, leisure and housework pre-children, life can sometimes seem frenetic and exhausting, so how on earth do we introduce a demanding baby into the mix?


Order is the answer.


‘To be as free as possible at every moment, one must have a great deal of order. It is disorder that makes slaves of us. The disorder of today takes its toll from the freedom of tomorrow.’ – FROM THE PRIVATE JOURNAL OF HENRI FREDERIC AMIEL, 1853.


Running a family and household is similar to running a business. The better the systems, processes and people you have in place, the smoother it will run. If you’ve only had yourself to take care of up until now, it may be that your systems aren’t that efficient – they probably don’t need to be if you’ve only had to remember what you’re doing. Throw in another few family members and competing tasks, demands and activities, and the potential for chaos and overwhelm increases dramatically.


In order to be able to approach this calmly and effectively when the time comes, it’s a good idea to start honing your organisational systems now. Once you have established organised and efficient ways of working, you will gain total control of your life and time. These systems will form the foundations upon which everything else can rest. Create order now, and free yourself from the spectre of overwhelm in the future.


Here’s an Infographic with my top organisation tips.

Organisation tips



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