4 January 2015

I am repeatedly asked how I managed to achieve the goal of writing Baby Proof Your Career in less than a year, while running a business and balancing all this with four boys and a busy household. The turning point for me, I always respond, was the moment when I definitely committed myself; when I said with absolute determination that this year (2015) would be the year I would publish my book. It’s the magical moment that W.H. Murray is referring to in his famous quote about commitment and providence. Below is an extract from my diary, which captures how I felt at that moment.

The dawn of a New year. Will this be it? The year when the tide turns and I see my business gaining real traction. Oh how I want it to be so. But that requires a commitment and a belief of the greatest magnitude. Am I ready for it? Am I hungry for it? Am I really prepared to adopt the singlemindedness, focus, “selfishness” it will require? I want to say I think so, but the word “think” itself shows weakness. I either am or I am not.

The commitment scares me because of the mountain of work (physical, actual but also emotional and psychological) I imagine it wil entail. But when I think of the end result.. now that excites me. What if, this time next year I could be talking about my business with enormous pride and confidence. What if I saw in the eyes of friends and family and heard in their voices the respect and admiration for what I have created and built. When I think [of the results] the hunger is real, and a fire comes alive in my belly. I want to be there.

The lesson that comes to mind of the last 2 years is the need to act, to be decisive and clear…. Singleminded focus…This is the year.

– Extract from Caroline Flanagan’s diary