This is the story of BabyProof Your Life

The Issue

When I was working as a lawyer in the City of London, in the years before I had children but when I knew I wanted children in the future, I would think about my career and what it meant for my life. I would think about the long hours I worked, and about where I wanted to take my career in the future, and these are the kind of questions I would ask myself:

  • How can I have a family and still do this job?

  • When is the right time in my career to start a family?

  • If I have a family now, am I throwing away my career?

  • If I wait until I’m more senior, am I leaving it too late to start a family?

  • If I do start a family and keep hold of my career, how can I balance it all?

The Problem

I wasn’t alone. I discovered that these were the sort of questions my female colleagues were asking themselves – randomly over coffee; over an after work drink, and then every time they saw a more senior colleague leave or step off the career path after starting a family.

Not only did we not know the answer to these questions, we also didn’t know where to go to find them.  If we just wanted to get ahead in our careers, there was plenty out there showing us what we needed to do to get ahead. If we just wanted to have children, there was more advice on the bookshelves and online than anyone could ever hope to read. But what about the woman who wanted both?

The Obstacle

When I was there, looking for advice on how I could have both a career and a family I found only one answer: you can’t have it all.

“You can’t have it all” screamed the press, the TV, the stay at home mothers who lived on my street, the working mothers I’d seen walk away from their careers when they started a family. Those 5 and a half words were like a dead end. A brutal “no entry” sign in the middle of my career path at the very point where I needed it to merge with my life path.

The Solution

I founded Babyproof Your Life because I wanted to change all that. I wanted there to be somewhere that career women can go before they have children in order to:

  • learn what to expect when they start a family and go back to work;
  • discover the pitfalls of working parenthood that cause women’s careers to derail;
  • understand what they must do now, to give themselves the best chance of enjoying it all when the time comes; and
  • look after their wellbeing so they can achieve better balance.

A Work In Progress

This is the story of Baby Proof Your Life. Just like my life balancing a family with four children and a business, it is a work in progress – evolving and growing with new lessons learned and new wisdom applied every day. I invite you to join