Simply inspirational!

I attended a talk you gave yesterday at the ‘Future Leaders Conference’ titled ‘ditching the stereotype: overcoming imposter syndrome’. It was a marvellous speech and I was most definitely moved by it.

Hearing how you have tackled and overcome these barriers was refreshing. I’ve personally never heard or spoke to an individual who has had a great degree of odds stacked up against them yet strives unfettered, only to thrive and reap the rewards. It is simply inspirational!”

Audience member, Future Leaders’ Conference, October 2016

Such an inspiring and thought provoking talk

“It was amazing to listen to you yesterday, such an inspiring and thought provoking talk – I could listen to you for hours.”

Jenny Tolmie, Partner, Griffin Stone Moscrop & Co, June 2016

Caroline took great care in understanding the needs of the audience

“Caroline came to speak to our Balance Employee Network about “How to babyproof your career so you can balance your life”. I really enjoyed preparing this event together. Caroline took great care in understanding the needs of the audience to make her message even more powerful. The whole process from preparing the event invitation to getting feedback was very professional with a wonderful personal touch. “

Louise Walewska, HSBC Asset Management – Presentation Client May 2016

Caroline’s talk was engaging and insightful

“Caroline did a fantastic job as the guest speaker at our latest Women with Ambition networking event: “How to ensure kids don’t derail your career.”

Caroline’s talk was engaging and insightful and feedback from our clients that attended was overwhelmingly positive. All of the delegates mentioned they had gained some sound advice from Caroline’s presentation, regardless of whether they were thinking about having children, were already parents or were managing individuals with family commitments.

Caroline has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing to develop our working relationship in the future. I would highly recommend working with her.”

Sally Clare, Head of Diversity, Ambition UK – Presentation Client, May 2016

Her open and frank talk was a huge inspiration

An inspirational speaker: in February, Caroline Flanagan spoke to my women in business lunchtime network, The Room Upstairs, on The Imposter.

Her open and frank talk was a huge inspiration for many in the audience. She was generous with her time, answering all our questions, was painfully truthful and understanding about her experiences (both positive and negative) and how she used them to her advantage.

I have heard Caroline speak in the past, that is what prompted me to invite her to speak to my network and I wasn’t disappointed. I can highly recommend Caroline Flanagan should you be looking for an emotive and inspiring speaker.

Sandi Goddard, Managing Director at The Room Upstairs – Presentation Client, February 2016

Caroline has been brilliant

“When my son was around two years old I began to feel that I was really struggling to hold it all together. I felt unable to balance the competing interests in my life and consequently, felt at best that I was not excelling in any area and at worst that I was failing in all of them. I felt like I was being defeated by the challenge of finding adequate time to dedicate to my son, my work and my husband. And finding any for myself seemed like a fantasy.

Caroline has been exceptional at cutting through the fog and helping me find existing opportunities for change and adjustment that I was failing to see. She has helped me adjust my perspective on issues that were weighing me down by taking an objective and analytical look at my circumstances and my thinking pattern. Caroline has also helped me on a very practical level to assess my existing routine and schedule and find openings that allowed me to make positive changes to accommodate the competing interests in my life without me feeling that I am short-changing any of them.

No matter how down or deflated I have felt going into a session with Caroline, the sessions always end with me feeling calm, positive and empowered. Caroline has been brilliant and I would recommend that anyone feeling like I was should get in touch with her.”

Client G, Balance Client – May 2016

Caroline, I can’t thank you enough for your help

“Caroline, I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave me while starting to think of family planning. Your level-headed approach to some of the things I was panicking about has put everything into perspective. Not to mention that talking through and planning how to run my company single-handedly with a child was invaluable. I really appreciate having the after-session documents to work through in my own time and have been referring to them frequently. I cannot recommend a Babyproof Your Life session highly enough when starting to think about children – everyone should do this! Many thanks again.”

Client T, Babyproof Client  – February 2015

Truly inspiring and empowering

“I met Caroline in Italy in 2008 when she gave a coaching presentation to PWA Milan and I was just blown away by her drive. I immediately recommended her to W.I.N. founder Kristin Engvig, proposing Caroline as a workshop leader for the WIN conference 2009. The feedback we received after W.I.N. revealed that all the women from a variety of different business and cultural backgrounds who attended Caroline’s workshop felt truly inspired and empowered by Caroline. They took away really effective practical work-life balance skills.”

Donatella Gortanutti, Human Resources

A natural communicator and inspirational presenter

“Caroline is a natural communicator and inspirational presenter who truly knows how to connect with her audience. She possesses a strong commitment to the professional advancement of women and delivers effective and motivational presentations and workshops on this subject in a very creative, professional and generous way. As a public speaker and workshop presenter you just can’t help being impressed by her enthusiasm, focus and ability to relate to all audience members.”

Anna Persson   Entrepreneur, International Eventmanager & Connector

Great results, personable, creative

“Caroline Flanagan is a splendid person. She is a confidence booster who can help you develop and express your own creativity. She uses her excellent skills to deal with women’s career related issues. As well as being a pleasure for me, working with her has helped me to focus on my priorities and on how to achieve the goals I had set myself.”

Axelle Brown-Videau   Communications Advisor, Origami Consulting