The Power of Intention

“Our intention creates our reality” – Wayne Dyer


How can you most effectively achieve your goals?


Using the incomparable power of intention. 


This has become very clear to me over the past few months while I’ve been writing my second book. Writing a book is such a daunting and enormous task. You start with nothing but a mass of unordered thoughts and a blank page, knowing that you need to make sense of it all and then get  tens of thousands of (hopefully pertinent and interesting) words onto the paper. It’s hard to start, and it’s even harder to keep going when it takes so long to feel like you’re actually making progress. It’s easy to feel discouraged and unmotivated – there’s a good reason that writers are notorious for missing deadlines! But I’m thrilled to say that, despite the incredibly hard slog, I’ve done it! The book is written and is on track for publication this Autumn. So, what is the amazing ‘force’ that has compelled me to stay in my seat, tapping away on my keyboard, working flat out, alone in my shed for days and weeks and months? 




Intention is the tool I use for getting things done and getting the results I want. Intention is super focus. It’s the difference between just wanting something and wanting something with purpose and direction. Intention streamlines my energy and gives my brain the most efficient way to pursue a goal. At the start of this process, I recognised and articulated my intention to complete my book and I used the power of this laser focus to keep me going, every day; to ignore the distractions, to persist through the self doubt, and to overcome the times when motivation or energy waned. 


It’s not enough to just have a vague amorphous goal – intention is about narrowing and simplifying  your aims. You can forget all the other details that might worry or distract you and focus all your energy onto this one thing. Intention is the commitment to going in a specific direction for a specific purpose. Think of it as your compass or your sat nav! Deciding your intention is like setting the destination and getting there by the most direct route – it’s the starting point for everything that happens.


So how do you go about using the power of intention?



  • Decide your intention. Keep it simple and focused. Ignore the detail. Mine was simply “I’m going to keep working until I get my book finished”.
  • Visualise the outcome. Form a mental picture of what you want to happen . Direct your energy towards it and then discard any worries you might have about ‘failing’ – worry needlessly diverts energy into something that hasn’t happened. 
  • Be disciplined. Repeat your intention to yourself daily and form good strong habits to help you  . (For example, I would have the same routine and go to work in my shed at the same time every day).
  • Give in to your intention. Intention is the continuous, consistent use of your mind in a super focused way. Let it direct your energy and your actions.


Using intention in this way means that you get to control how things are going to go for you – you are firmly in the driving seat. It is a brilliant way to get started when you have huge, daunting tasks ahead of you and when you need to maintain motivation over a period of time. You can also use it daily to get the results you want. Heading into a meeting, presentation, or a job interview? Set your intention before you go. How do you want to feel and what do you want to be the outcome? Visualise, commit and focus your energy on that one thing. Dispense with the details and the worries. If you keep returning to that one intention, you will be amazed at the calm, efficiency of purpose this gives you. 


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